Mall Kiosks & Retail Store Fixtures.

Hilliard’s Candies – Norwell Store

Exhibit Technology was thrilled to be a part of their success in providing the fixtures for their new location. ET provided chocolate display cases with LED lighting, marble accent tops, mirror interiors, adjustable tempered glass shelves, sliding doors and painted finish. Full wall mural, POS station with storage below, laminated tops, wood edge and painted finish. There are added wall fixtures throughout the store with large crown moldings mirrored backs and adjustable glass shelves, all with the same finish.

Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-cashwrap_displaycase1
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-candydisplaycases
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-seasonaldisplay
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-glasscandydisplaycases1
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-displaycasesandsignage1
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-displaycasesandsignage2
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-signage1
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-displaycasesandsignage3
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-wallandcornerdisplay
Hilliard's Candies_Norwell-cashwrap and wall mural